About Us

Who we are

ReStructure Heritage is an association based in Catalonia, Spain that was born from the desire to address the inequality we see in cultural heritage. While famous urban treasures receive millions of visitors and euros annually, heritage in rural areas is deteriorating – with no revenue from visitors or documentation to preserve its history.

ReStructure’s vision is to create experiences that engage citizens, students, and travelers in the documentation and restoration of neglected history. We see these places as platforms to bring people together for education and cultural exchange – and allow participants to impact their destination by documenting its history and sparking further action.

We are an experience, one that includes an educational component, hands on action, and moments of cultural exchange. Join us as we visit and share previously neglected sites – keeping heritage alive for the benefit of its community and generations to come.

Our Story

ReStructure’s three founders met while studying their Masters in Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions in Guimaraes, Portugal.

Traveling through Portugal and Spain, they witnessed the vast inequality of attention and maintenance afforded to urban, well-known sites, while so much rural architectural heritage was left to deteriorate. As students of cultural heritage, they noticed how studies were much richer in theory than in hands-on learning. These matters remained with them as they began their careers. Their continued passion for historic preservation and concern for neglected sites moved them to establish ReStructure.

Meet our founders